Friday, January 18, 2013

Berín 1945 - II

I don't write in the blog as much as I would want. I'm very busy with university, friends and when I find some free time I prefer to spend it painting that preparing a new post for the blog (you really spend a lot of time... you have to about what you want to write about, take the photos, upload them and write the text) But I will try to have the blog much more actualized that before now.

As I told int he last post I have been painting a Berlin theme based army. As I explained I drileld holes in the plasticard that I bought with the idea to fit the miniatures in. So I did an exhaustin work removing the "metal bases" under the feet of Flames of War soldiers

As the holes were not exact I had to fill with some putty the most of them, but finally it was finished after a lot of work. This is the result:

Finally in the army (that is double, it has some SS and some Volkssturm platoons) I mixed urban bases with "country" bases. I wanted to represent defenders of the Tiergarten park

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