Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Spanish Civil War Project - The fifth soldier

Today I want to show you a project that I began some months ago. Some of the nations in Flames of War have medium bases with 5 soldiers, but I really prefer to put only 4 soldiers. When I place 4 miniatures the bases are not so packed and I have more space to add some terrain. But even when I dont add special terrain, I dont like when the bases are more packed than the metro of Tokyo hahaha So, I use to keep the fifth soldier to make Objectives or for other projects. I have a crazy project about a Civil War in the US during the WWII that I will show other day, because today is the moment to talk about the SCW.

In the next photo you can see the first soldiers of the republican army. I used american, british, soviet and romanian miniatures. I replaced their heads by some Peter Pig SCW helmets. The colors I used are mostly browns, and I mixed helmets, peaked caps and bare heads, since the uniformity was not a characteristic of any of both side during the infamous civil war.

I will post more post soon. I am paiting a lot of british parachute guns, the SCW guys, an Afrika Korps army, some Late War brish platoons and some objectives... And soon I will start to paint an italian army !!!