Friday, November 29, 2013

I am moving to a new blog

Hi guys. I have to announce you that I will not post anymore in this blog. I am moving to a new one. I have been having some problems with it and it has gathered with my intention of creating a new style and open my painting fields, so a blog called "Painting Flames of War" probably is not the best place.

In the new blog I will continue posting my Flames of War commision works with other scales. Feel free to visit it and join :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to make dragon teeth?

This is a mini tutorial to make, easily, dragon teeth that will be very cool in our engineers platoons.

Dragon teeth were used in some german fortification lines during WWII, from 1944 to 1945 the german army was retreating, and built some defensive lines in Italy, western and eastern fronts. Dragon teeth were antitank obstacles built with concrete. The shape and size depended of the mould used but they used to have trapezoiz shapes.


1. With some putty we make trapezoids, it doesnt matter if they are not perfect, we just need the general shape.

2. When the putty is dry, we model the shape with a cutter, it is very easy. I highly recommend to use DAS putty, because it is easily modelable.

3. After that we just have to glue them into the bases, and add some sand, as always.

4. And paint them as concrete exposed to the elemments.

Monday, October 14, 2013

British infantry platoons

In the last days I had a lot of college work, but I was working in two british platoons that I had started before. By the moment the miniatures are painted and I added the terrain and painted it in black!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Spanish Civil War Project - The fifth soldier

Today I want to show you a project that I began some months ago. Some of the nations in Flames of War have medium bases with 5 soldiers, but I really prefer to put only 4 soldiers. When I place 4 miniatures the bases are not so packed and I have more space to add some terrain. But even when I dont add special terrain, I dont like when the bases are more packed than the metro of Tokyo hahaha So, I use to keep the fifth soldier to make Objectives or for other projects. I have a crazy project about a Civil War in the US during the WWII that I will show other day, because today is the moment to talk about the SCW.

In the next photo you can see the first soldiers of the republican army. I used american, british, soviet and romanian miniatures. I replaced their heads by some Peter Pig SCW helmets. The colors I used are mostly browns, and I mixed helmets, peaked caps and bare heads, since the uniformity was not a characteristic of any of both side during the infamous civil war.

I will post more post soon. I am paiting a lot of british parachute guns, the SCW guys, an Afrika Korps army, some Late War brish platoons and some objectives... And soon I will start to paint an italian army !!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Red Devils AT & light artillery

Some months ago I painted and sold some Red Devils platoons. The person who bought them comissioned me some artillery and AT extra paltoons to make them have a stronger fire power. During this last month I have been working on the, and, by them moment, they look like this.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

German infantry in Greece

As usual, it was a long time when I posted the last potos in the blog. I have been busy, I had my final exams in june and july, after that I was on holidays and finally I had to prepare everything to come back Sweden. I was here 2 years ago as an Exchange student, but last january as applied to study a master in International Relations. I was accepted, one week ago I landed in Linköping, where I should study the next two years.

The last things I had painted are two germans platoons with a very mediterranean bases. The yellow grass and the olive tres reveal that the are somewhere in the Mediterranean área. They can be fighting in the invasión of Greece in Early War or maybe defeding Italy of the allied invasión in Late War.

They had a lot of work. As you can see, all the soldiers have the tricolor Wehrmatch simbol on the right side of the helmets. The olive tres were modelled with a wire skeleton and DAS putty and some fences and Street stones were added.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Imperial romans

A couple of months ago I painted the Corvus Belli's Early Imperial Romans box.
The figurines made by Corvus Belli are a small 15 mm miniatures. They can not be mixed with the huge Xyston miniatures.
I like Corvus' romans, they are made with a very clean metal, they have no burrs, and are easy to paint. I really like the Roman range.

I used the typical red color for the regular roman legionaries but blue and Green for the roman auxiliaries. The numidian auxiliary tropos are painted with a brown and red scheme, and tribal shield patterns. All the shields are Freehand.

De Painting Flames of War

De Painting Flames of War

De Painting Flames of War

De Painting Flames of War

De Painting Flames of War

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Macedonian phalanx

Three years ago I bought some blisters of Warmodelling macedonian hoplites to build a big phalanx. A few weeks ago I decided to retake the project in order to finish four "big flames of war bases" of pahalangites. By now I finished 3 full bases. I hope to finish the forth one soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Polish houses

A couple of years ago I made two polish style houses and I made a silicon mould of them. Finally I didnt use them for a scenery project I had planned so they were in a dark drawer waiting better times. This week I decided to rescue them and another house that wasnt finish to create a polish block of houses.

I joined the houses, I created foamboard separation walls, and floors with smalls wood sticks. Roofs are made with roof tiled plasticard. I have a lot of work to finish them yet :)

 photo IMG_8695_zpsb1c70a0a.jpg

 photo IMG_8692_zps38ee6ca1.jpg

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Italian dromeday force - II

The family is growing. I painted some dromedaries more. The quality of the photo is quite poor, so its difficult to appreciate the tonal differences between dromedaries.
I have to paint 8 animals more. After it I will upload higher quality photos.

 photo IMG_8380_zps0dad592c.jpg

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Italian dromedary force - I

I am in a new painting project. Some months ago a friend commissiomed me to paint an dromedary force for his Italian Flames of War army.

In early XX century the colonial powers as Italy, France or United Kingdom had camel and dromedary cavalry units that mainly were used as police forces in the African and Middle-east territories.

 photo Somalia-Camel-Corps1_zps0f461225.jpg
British Camel forces in the Bristish Somaliland

 photo CamelSpahisinItalianLibya1_zpseb0ce435.jpg
Some Colonial Camel Police in the Italian Lybia

The cavalry, and then the camel and dromeday forces, hadn't a very relevant role in the WWII. The use of planes, tanks and machine guns made them very vulnerable. They were used mainly as reconnaissance and exploration elements.

The Camel Corps of the Arab Legion practising firing in Middle East during the 40's

 photo 31229551e6b47fb5601_zpsc0d61228.jpg
A german soldier learning how to ride a camel

As I said before, my friend wanted a dromedary force. He plans to use it as a reconnaissance force, replacing the "motociclisti" bases by dromedary bases. He will use the same rules as for the Motorbikes, but his Italian Army will be more personalized.

 photo italianoscamellos_zps02917acb.jpg
Italian dromedaries in the Sahara Desert

The last week I started painting the miniatures in the free time I found (I have a lot of work this weeks in the university ...). Here are my small advance until now

 photo IMG_8366_zps806a99a3.jpg

Friday, January 18, 2013

Berín 1945 - II

I don't write in the blog as much as I would want. I'm very busy with university, friends and when I find some free time I prefer to spend it painting that preparing a new post for the blog (you really spend a lot of time... you have to about what you want to write about, take the photos, upload them and write the text) But I will try to have the blog much more actualized that before now.

As I told int he last post I have been painting a Berlin theme based army. As I explained I drileld holes in the plasticard that I bought with the idea to fit the miniatures in. So I did an exhaustin work removing the "metal bases" under the feet of Flames of War soldiers

As the holes were not exact I had to fill with some putty the most of them, but finally it was finished after a lot of work. This is the result:

Finally in the army (that is double, it has some SS and some Volkssturm platoons) I mixed urban bases with "country" bases. I wanted to represent defenders of the Tiergarten park