Sunday, August 25, 2013

German infantry in Greece

As usual, it was a long time when I posted the last potos in the blog. I have been busy, I had my final exams in june and july, after that I was on holidays and finally I had to prepare everything to come back Sweden. I was here 2 years ago as an Exchange student, but last january as applied to study a master in International Relations. I was accepted, one week ago I landed in Linköping, where I should study the next two years.

The last things I had painted are two germans platoons with a very mediterranean bases. The yellow grass and the olive tres reveal that the are somewhere in the Mediterranean área. They can be fighting in the invasión of Greece in Early War or maybe defeding Italy of the allied invasión in Late War.

They had a lot of work. As you can see, all the soldiers have the tricolor Wehrmatch simbol on the right side of the helmets. The olive tres were modelled with a wire skeleton and DAS putty and some fences and Street stones were added.

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  1. Very very nice! I do like the presentation and the paintjob!